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What is the fuel consumption of a Mercedes DSG? For a DSG to 5-speed manual the wishbone mount is the same. almost what I wanted, was £6k off as the. · Are you nuts?

done a manual to dsg conversion. there is for sure some wiring and ECM issues that will be different. tried searching but I can’t find any info. I’m retrofitting DSG gearbox to golf r mk7, i done all the mechanical work and fitted the full engine bay wiring loom for the dsg plug but they no plug in car for shift lever so I need to wire it in, as someone got wiring diagram thanks.

Dear All, I have retrofitted DSG gearbox on a Passat B7. But not heard of any others. of teeth 61/15 = 4. · Has anyone seen a car with a DSG conversion? Show Printable Version;, 06:29 PM 1.

of teeth 52/49 = 1. Secondly, I too am a manual guy, but the DSG sure changed my mind. I could just trade it for a manual. narongc73: VW MKV-A5 Golf/Jettas: 10: June 12th, 14:19: DSG to manual conversion: Berm: TDI Conversions: 0: June 11th, 18:35: Jetta Tdi 5speed manual - 6speed manual conversion - can it be done? For me, I look at it this way. What is the difference between manual and DSG? · Anyone done a DSG to manual conversion? As Aston Martin enthusiasts we have a combined 75 years experience reconditioning Aston Martin manual and Aston Martin automatic gearboxes for:.

If it has it&39;s own ECU, what additional sensors does the car have to control it? Mk5 Golf GTi manual conversion to DSG « on: Octo, 04:04:39 PM » So the new race car is a Mk5 GTi cup BUT it has manual and we want to convert it to DSG. · DSG gearbox conversion to an older 1. Let&39;s just say it WOULD be cheaper to find another one with a manual, than go through the hassle. I highly recommend using new bolts as these are TTY/stretch bolts and it could be catastrophic if they failed. of teeth 58/15 = 3. It was initially fitted with manual gearbox.

6L/100km (versus the manual’s 6. Swap DSG body to trans mount with manual body to trans mount. · The DQ500 (DSG) and MQ500 (manual) are the strongest transverse boxes you can get currently for the platform so it made sense - they are used on the RS3, TTRS, Tiguan, Q3 and T5 (I think). The DSG transmission provides instantaneous shifts that changes gears in a fraction of a second unlike a standard torque-converter automatic. · The debate over manual and auto will go on for a long time, I suspect those that are in favour of manual having been driving a relatively shorter time than those of us that love the DSG, I certainly do not miss anything about a manual, I&39;m not even sure where less involved arrives from, having driven manuals in between, gear changing now seems. Tony concurs saying that in its latest and now smoother guise, the DSG transmission operates much more like a standard torque-converter automatic transmission, making the peak-hour crawl effortless and a far more relaxing experience than in the manual GTI. update: This Ferrari 575 6 speed manual conversion is currently for sale.

I’m trying to find out if there’s a company who carry’s out manual to Dsg conversions near Kent. So I&39;m supposing it was coded to MT. · If I had a wrecked 6 sp manual car sitting next to the DSG car as a donor, I might consider it, as long as I knew the crankshaft was compatible with the manual flywheel. D25FD3672 25% Manual Fresh Air Damper 3-5 Tons √. · The body-in-white is essentially the same from an SMG to Manual – the only difference is a blanking plate that the SMG controller bolts to where the linkage would normally pass through the body. If I lived somewhere else, I might have considered the manual. PLUS getting parts for an MK5 conversion is very difficult. Sorry if this has been covered.

Holds up to tuning better (the manual trans is known to blow stock clutches if you get an ECU tune) Manual pros: Often more fun to drive. LPM-07 LP Conversion Kit (For DSG036045 unit only) 3 Ton. Or is part of the engine ECU? com/vwgolf2bbs painting - Roszman Lack Technik preparation for painting - venom24 electricity - Bishop mechanics - ven. . Aston Martins are in our DNA, we live and breathe the brand and understand your car’s value to you. Over our combined 165km test day, however, the manual did prove 13 per cent more fuel efficient than the DSG – 11.

The automatic ECU will need to be changed out with a manual from a or a, you&39;ll need to be able to readapt the ECU to the car, using a VCDS cable. The transmissions have an inferior shifter, the to beetle (orold) jetta, orold) golf) will also work. After investigating, there are some signs of DSG remotion to install a manual gearbox. And that was on an 05&39; NB TDI DSG.

Thread starter cupra300uk; Start date ; Forums. If you&39;ve decided to make the jump and convert your automatic transmission to a manual gearbox you&39;ve come to the right place. venom24 workshop. Boardyvrs 1 Posted 28 October. I am unsatisfied driving the DSG and I would prefer the 5 speed. The DSG is also 11 kilograms heavier than its 1313kg manual counterpart and claims a higher average fuel consumption figure at 6. I have some issues coding a few of the modules installed. 8L/100km – despite both cars completing identical tests and being driven in an identical manner.

“Position S“ and the Tiptronic shifting program for manual gear change (optional with Tiptronic steering wheel) Up to 332 lbs-ft (450 Nm), depending on version No. Swap DSG shifter assembly. Some of the RS3, TTRS and R3x turbo guys are using them with upwards of genuine 1000nm+ without issue on the original clutch packs. If you&39;re interested in competitive motorsport, track days and events or simply enjoy the control manual shifting gives the driver, an automatic to manual conversion for your transmission is a no-brainer. A high revving straight six with beautifully tuned individual throttle bodies, boasts an impressive 333hp, with nimble handling, an aggressive stance and body design that still competes with today’s exotic cars.

Golf R - Manual to DSG conversion Hi guys, I originally was going to buy the GTI with DSG but ended up getting a fantastic deal on an R with the 6 sp manual which I&39;ve never regretted. On the cluster, no errors come up for the gearbox neither the gear selection. Please see below an auto scan from the car. Then we found a new Cali available for immediate collection which happened to have DSG which we snapped up. If not, then the swap becomes the motor and tranny as unit, and all the electronics and cable shift pedal assemblies. What is a DSG transmission? As the man said: “Real men use 3 pedals.

I think if the manual conversion from DSG to MT can be done here even if it is priced like 10k to 15k for a problem free conversion, it still sounds like a good idea for me. dannyboygti. That I&39;m aware of, I&39;m the only shop that has done a DSG to manual conversion. 0T DSG To Manual Conversion.

· Thread: Audi A3 2. Does the DSG box have it&39;s own ECU? It was quite hard and he ran into some issues. Gearbox used was from a Golf 6 GTI. mattnpam_mattoon: VW MKV-A5 Golf/Jettas: 13: October 12th, 03:37.

Remove exhaust from turbo to catalytic converter, and exhaust heat shield. 8p tdi manual to auto/dsg/s tronic conversion. · Converting DSG to manual - posted in Performance and Technical: is it possible to do, im guessing they used all the same chassis and all the holes and bolt holes will be there for the pedal box etc im guessing its just the gearbox and gearstick and also the pedal box that would need doing just wondering how much it would be to do with just parts and labout from a specialist, i could probablies. · I think some non DSG engine ECU’s could be programmed for use with a DSG box by recoding them, not 100% sure but may be possible.

THAT alone is the toughest part of the equation. SEAT Model Specific Discussion Forum. There&39;s a whole thread on it.

· For pleasurable street driving, nothing beats the original manual shifting mechanics. Tech Write-Up: manual to dsg conversion BMW E46 M3 SMG to 6spd Manual Conversion BMW’s E46 M3 is arguably the best / / / M car to date. I&39;ve seen a mk2 with a full R32 conversion with DSG box. Is there a way to convert it to manual? My question was merely to uncover the facts of cost and what is entailed to do the swap - not to incite another DSG Vs Manual debate Fahrenheit GTI K&N Intake - Resonator Delete - Custom seat insert 1113 - Black Gloss Vinyl - Hood/Roof - BSH Dogbone Mount. the problem it&39;s the S3 TFSI pre-facelift didn&39;t exist with DSG, only manual gearbox, despite the fact the standard FWD TFSI had manual or DSG options, and the same engine ECU, looks like my ECU has all fixed (even I can&39;t deactivate the bit of haldex AWD) and I only can change minor options like activate cruise control. What would be involved in converting a Jetta TDi from DSG to manual shift?

Less maintenance. I live in San Francisco, so with city traffic combined with crazy hills, the faster DSG was the obvious choice. Recommended Posts. Manual transmission conversion to DSG. Is it fairly straightforward? Unlike any conventional transmission, a Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) combines the convenience of an automatic manual to dsg conversion with the precision of a manual. This is the ECU reading.

Can you please advise for proper coding? . We think it is a shame that more and more manufacturers no longer manufacture models with a manual transmission option. I guess it picks up speed, engine rev&39;s off the CAN line. The car shows signs of needing a DMF and I’ll have to take it apart manual to dsg conversion anyway, so that opens the door to a conversion. See more results. First of all it would cost a stupid amount of money.

· 4X4 DSG to Manual conversion. Hi, i&39;m working on a project to convert Audi A3 8P TFSI Quattro GearBox from Manual to DSG DQ500, all mechanical work has been completed successfully by the mechanics staff and also all wiring of DQ500 and Gear Selector have been completed successfully manual to dsg conversion and connected to the Car Wiring by me (ElsaWin made me his indispensable support). Just bought a 68 plate T6 Edition.

By Boardyvrs, 28 October, in Skoda Octavia Mk III ( onward) Share Followers 0. It&39;s one hell of a tranny plus the DSG GTI is faster 0-60 and gets better fuel economy than the manual. 2L/100km versus 12. dannyboygti Member. Also the software. View Profile View Forum Posts. DSG Series Job Name Location Purchaser Order No. as above folks is it possible to convert the car from manual to.

A lot of the control units have variant coding to tell them what other systems are fitted and how the car is configured so to a degree some of the control units must be generic. Stick versus paddles or manual versus DSG is a difficult question, as we found out. Which is more fuel efficient DSG or manual? · We hired a manual 5 speed Cali and also hired a manual 6 speed Transporter conversion and I liked them both, probably the 6 gear had the edge and I wasn&39;t fussed about DSG.

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